Friendly Net Viewer

Friendly Net Viewer 2.2

Friendly Net Viewer is a program helps you to monitor your network devices

Friendly Net Viewer is a lightweight program that is made to be used by network administrators in schools, net cafes, data centers, companies, etc. to help them monitor the devices and the network itself, and receive immediate notifications as soon as any computer/device goes down or wakes up.

The program will let you view your whole network map, along with all computers and devices connected, in an animated screen. It will allow you to get various information about any local computer connected to the network, such as: computer's name, user name, operating system, local time, IP address. The program lets you search your local network for different kinds of network resources, such as FTP, HTTP, game servers - and it will display the computer which hosts a discovered service and the correct command to open it.

Friendly Net Viewer allows you to view both current and former connections to your computer, displaying them in a nice tree-like view showing the computer name, user name, opened folders, file paths, file permissions and browsing times. The program offers a wide set of command-line network tools like Telnet or Tracert and graphical network tool like Trace Rout or Ping; and also opens any computer's shared files in your Explorer or Total Commander.

Marian Zaky
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  • Small
  • Allows to assign external tools
  • Offers a graphical network map


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